Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of all employees, contractors and others affected by our operations and the proposed development of Galore Creek is a critical consideration in all that we do. We train and build awareness across all of the employees and contractors by promoting an active safety culture, holding safety as a core value, and remaining focused on ensuring that everyone goes home safe and healthy.

Our dedication to health and safety is supported by our Health & Safety, Environment and Communities Policy which commits to compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and standards, robust emergency management systems, seeking continuous improvement in identifying risks and hazards to mitigate or eliminate and build awareness and a positive safety culture through training and promoting safety as a core value of all activities.


Galore Creek strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, where individuals are welcomed, valued and supported in their career. We work to attract, invest in, and retain employees to join us in the exciting work of advancing and developing the Galore Creek Project. We understand fostering an engaged and diverse workplace where people, ideas and information are included in building the foundation for a safe and healthy workforce.

Communities & Indigenous Peoples

Through all Project stages, we seek to engage Indigenous Peoples, including Tahltan Nation and local communities, to build a relationship founded in open discussion and collaboration. In our operations and through our relationships, we seek to advance reconciliation and provide opportunities to create lasting benefits and support community wellbeing. Galore Creek is committed to contributing to healthy vibrant communities where we operate by supporting education and striving to employee local people and local service providers, who are also invested in community wellbeing.

Water Stewardship

Galore Creek recognizes that access to water is a human right, and that water is an essential component of economic and social development. We work to be a leader in water stewardship and incorporate responsible water management into Project development by moving beyond compliance and towards collaborative water management practices that focus on sustaining and restoring water resources. Our approach to water stewardship is based on three pillars: protecting water quality, improving water management practices, and engaging collaboratively within our watersheds.

Environmental Stewardship

We understand the impact our activities can have on the environment and our approach to environmental stewardship is designed to protect the environment and prevent – or otherwise minimize, mitigate and remediate – those impacts. We integrate environmental stewardship into Project development by designing environmental management systems that ensure consistent implementation and that are effective at protecting our environment.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time and we believe the mining sector has a key role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy and adapting to climate change. We are committed to actively pursue options for lowering emissions and understand and manage the incremental risks and opportunities from the physical impacts of climate changes. Our climate change strategy is articulated around making investments to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and understanding the risks from and enhancing our resilience to the physical impacts from climate change. We believe that the advancement of technology will play a role in our efforts to take bold, decisive steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by: evaluating the use of a fully electric haulage fleet; planning for operating an integrated zero emissions mining system; and developing industry-leading climate targets.


Galore Creek is guided by our policies that ensure project development meets global standards in mine development.
Indigenous Peoples Policy
HSEC Policy
Human Rights Policy