Project Status

Galore Creek currently is conducting a comprehensive Prefeasibility Study expected to be completed mid-2023 and will be initiating a major regulatory process informed by the Prefeasibility Study to assess and incorporate proposed Project changes.

Preparation for the main 2023 field program is well underway and is planned to commence in late April. The program will include a drill campaign of approximately 25,000m focused on geotechnical, metallurgical, and resource development drilling. In addition to the drill program, environmental baseline studies are ongoing, and test pitting will be initiated to characterize surficial materials for infrastructure placement and construction.

As the Project continues through the Prefeasibility Study and prepares for the major regulatory process, we are continuing to engage and align with Tahltan Nation and plan to expand our engagement to communities in the greater Project area. Our engagement with Tahltan and communities will continue through 2023 and inform Project design and development activities

Project Development

Galore Creek is focused on responsible Project development. Through the Prefeasibility Study and beyond we strive for continuous, collaborative engagement with Tahltan as we incorporate Knowledge, interests, and values into the updated design.

Project Location

The Galore Creek Project is located in NW British Columbia, within Tahltan Territory approximately 110km southwest of Dease Lake. The Project is accessible from the Galore Creek access road, located just north of Bob Quinn Airstrip on HWY 37.

Galore Creek Project

The Galore Creek Project has a partially constructed access road and camps to support field activities and Project construction.

Project History

In the mid-1950’s, mineralization was discovered at Galore Creek by geologists exploring in the region. From the 1950’s through to the 90’s extensive exploration work was carried out by major mining companies. In 2003 NovaGold acquired the property from Stikine Copper, completed a feasibility study, and received an Environmental Assessment Certificate in 2007. Construction was initiated on the road and tunnel at several headings prior to the Project being put on care and maintenance in late 2007.

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The Resource

The Galore Creek deposit is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper-gold-silver alkalic porphyry deposits.

The 2011 Prefeasibility Study envisioned a large-scale open-pit copper-gold-silver mine with a processing plant with a nominal capacity of 95,000 tonnes of ore per day (34.6 million tonnes per year) with an approximate 18-year mine life at that rate.

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