Supporting What Matters To You:

Galore Creek is actively working to support community priorities. We recognize that trust, respect, and supporting shared values is foundational to sustainable development. We strive to provide charitable and voluntary contributions that create lasting benefits, support community wellbeing, and contribute to healthy and vibrant communities in the area in which we operate.  

Our Community Investment Pillars outline the priority areas we support: 

Health & Wellbeing

Health is a core value at Galore Creek, and we seek to fund a broad range of initiatives that promote Health & Wellbeing in your community. We are focused on programs designed to enhance physical and mental health, safety, access to recreational activities, access to healthcare, and arts and culture. We actively fund Indigenous-led initiatives that support culture and heritage and Indigenous language. 

Social Sustainability & Diversity

At Galore Creek we value opportunities that support capacity building, equal opportunity, and sustainable development creating benefit for current Project activities and initiatives that will last beyond the life of the Project and for future generations. We are interested in programs that provide education and training, support skills and personal development, provide mentorship opportunities, support economic development and entrepreneurship, and improve infrastructure and services. 

Environment, Nature & Climate

Active and collaborative stewardship of the natural environment shapes our sustainability strategy and how we operate at Galore Creek. We are interested in programs and initiatives that are designed to support ecosystem resilience and biodiversity, water stewardship and initiatives to mitigate the impacts of climate change. These may include supporting wildlife collaring and monitoring programs, and community or student-led water, ecosystem, or environmental baseline studies. 

Application Process

If your initiative or program falls into any of the above categories then you may be eligible for funding under Galore Creek’s Community Investment Program. 

Download a Community Investment Submission Form here

Please complete and email the application form to:

Please be descriptive and provide as much information as possible. This will help us to understand your program, and its impact and beneficiaries so we may make an informed assessment. 

Please email us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.