At Galore Creek, we are committed to helping build vibrant and healthy communities. We engage openly with local communities of interest, including First Nations, to better understand each other’s values and priorities, and to encourage constructive dialogue. We strive to develop and maintain open, honest and respectful relationships and partnerships with the communities in and near the areas where we do business.


Since the beginning of the Galore Creek project, we have collaborated with communities of interest to create local employment and business opportunities. We work hard to be an employer of choice for local residents, including Tahltans. Tahltans and northern businesses have provided the majority of the contract support services for our site-based activities since the beginning of the project.

In 2006, a comprehensive Participation Agreement was established with the Tahltan Nation. The agreement provides a framework for collaboration, based on mutual respect and shared values. The agreement provides for economic, educational and employment opportunities and protection of Tahltan environmental and cultural values.