Suppliers and Service Providers to the Galore Creek Project

At Galore Creek, we select our suppliers and service providers with care, in a spirit of partnership, excellence and support for our local and regional communities.

2018 Field Season

Here are some of the suppliers and service providers who are working with us in the 2018 field season:

  • Tahltan Nation Development Corporation, located in Dease Lake, BC
  • Canadian Helicopters Limited, with five locations in BC
  • Cleanslate Industries Ltd., Tahltan-owner/operator and located in Dease Lake, with two major divisions:
    • Sal’s Ironworks Contracting
    • Northern Industrial Supplies (NIS)
  • Northern Labour Services Ltd., Tahltan-owner/operator and based in Moricetown, BC
  • RTEC, a joint venture between ERM Consultants Canada and the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation
  • Rugged Edge Holdings, located in Smithers, BC
  • Sirius Wilderness Medicine, located in Sainte-Adèle, QC
  • SNC-Lavalin, located in Terrace, BC