GCMC/Tahltan Nation Bursaries

12th Annual GCMC/Tahltan Nation

Bursary Award Winners


This year on October 18th, Tahltan Day, we marked the twelfth anniversary of the bursary award program GCMC offers for Tahltans pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. Bursaries are awarded based on the following criteria: academic achievement, community involvement, as well as educational and career goals. Bursaries are not restricted to educational programs directly related to mining, but special consideration is given to applicants whose career goals relate to the mining industry. We wish our 2017 bursary award winners much success in their studies.

Academic Bursary Winners

Feddie Louie 1st place - $2500
Cassia Jakesta 2nd place - $2500
Jody Inkster 3rd place - $2000
Nathan Skubovius 3rd place - $2000
Braden Etzerza 5th place - $1000

Non-academic Bursary Winners

Shanna Creyke 1st /2nd place - $1000
Keenan Russell 1st/2nd place - $1000
Les Creyke 3rd place - $1000
Kiana Ball 4th place - $1000
Mandi Campbell 5th place - $1000



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