About Galore Creek

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Galore Creek Mining Corporation (GCMC) is a mineral development company established to explore and develop the Galore Creek deposit in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. The deposit is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper-gold-silver deposits and resides in a stable jurisdiction with a long history of mining.

Galore Creek Mining Corporation is a 50/50 partnership between wholly-owned subsidiaries of Newmont Mining Corporation (“Newmont”) and Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”). The project is located in the territory of the Tahltan Nation. In 2006, NOVAGOLD CANADA Inc., on behalf of the Galore Creek Mining Corporation, and the Tahltan Nation signed an agreement that defined the terms under which the project would be developed with the participation of the Tahltan Nation. In September 2017, Galore Creek Mining Corporation and the Tahltan Nation entered into a Negotiating and Funding Agreement which allows for the terms of the Participation Agreement to extend until the Participation Agreement is updated.

Committed to responsible resource development, we continue to work collaboratively with our communities of interest to achieve sustainable benefits from the development of the Galore Creek project